Pratt&Deutsch Interiors is a full-service residential design firm, which focuses on high end residential projects and boutique style commercial spaces. Our mission is to approach each project with a holistic vision, and we commit to designing spaces that are a true reflection of the clients living in them. Our eclectic approach to design, is ever evolving and always inspired.

Our firm is available to assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish including consulting with Architects and Builders, as well as providing a tailor-made approach to finishes and decor. Using handpicked furniture, fabrics, accessories, we will transform your living space into a beautiful and functional home.





We provide a wide range of services completely customized to work with your budget, style, and unique space. We'll incorporate any of your existing pieces into the design of your space. We offer whole home or even single room design options.  



A soothing, natural color palate is a signature of Pratt & Deutsch. We pay close attention
to details such as textures, patterns and finishes. Every accessory is hand picked with thought and intention, resulting in a look
that is eclectic, spontaneous and refined. 



We have designing interiors for restaurants
and offices. We have worked with local developers contractors & architects to design commercial spaces from the ground up. We incorporate historical details and architecture when planning new developments.